Centennial's Cantilever rack is simple, well-engineered solution for storage of lengthy and heavy items that are typically difficult to store. It is practical for storage of products that are inordinately long and must be stockpiled horizontally such as bars, sheet metal, lumber, rounds, extrusions, angles, tubing and much more.

• All welded single or double-sided columns come complete with base.
• Tapered columns eliminate rack deflection into the aisles.
• Tapered design ensures maximum strength where it is most required, at the base of the column and the root of the arm.
• Tapered arm prevents deflection below a horizontal level.
• Arms easily adjust to any height on 3 inch centers.
• System allows for easy access to products without costly skids, pallets or fork entry devices.
• One piece, all welded vertical brace panel for easy assembly.

Easily assembled free-standing cantilever racking consists of only 3 basic components: Accessories for storage of varied products preventing material from accidentally rolling off. Forklift guard and guiding systems also available.
Knock-Down Columns for Special Shipping Applications
Covered Outdoor Cantilever Structures
For Cantilever Systems where overall base depth exceeds maximum allowable shipping restrictions of 102 inches, Centennial will supply Knock Down Columns, inclusive of necessary hardware. Site assembly required (Some local shipments exempted)

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For outdoor applications when it is necessary to protect your valuable product from the elements. Cantilever systems can be designed to facilitate a roof, sides and back.
Usage Examples
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